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About Me


Hi there, I'm Oliver and welcome to my website. this page is for you to learn a little bit about me, my background and my journey to becoming a life coach

  • I originally studied at the UK's top media University (Bournemouth) to become a television producer, going on to work for a number of production companies including the BBC.

  • I moved on to win a scholarship at one of the UK's top theatre schools (Mountview Academy), training as a Musical Theatre performer and then working across the UK and internationally.

  • I moved to Australia temporarily, freelancing for theatre and online marketing organisations.

  • On moving back to the UK, I became a civil servant working in criminal intelligence analysis and international relations.

  • I have been a volunteer for the samaritans (the telephone listening service in the uk)

  • I have also created my own wedding singing business, performing in London and across the uk.

I truly care about my clients and I always feel privileged when I have the chance to be their coach

In between, I have bought my dream flat in central London and undertaken a healthy amount of world travel (you won't meet many people who have visited North Korea!), braving some exhilarating and inspiring adventure sports, including rock-climbing, mountain-biking, scuba-diving (with sharks!) and snowboarding.

So, why such a diverse background?

Well, I believe that life is about choosing a vision and then making it happen, and each of these life choices has been an expression and exploration of who I am and what I have wanted to experience in my life so far.

It has to be emphasised however, that each of these achievements and experiences haven't just fallen into my lap at all. I don't come from a particularly outgoing or adventurous family or social background where these opportunities were handed to me on a plate.

I have had to proactively go out and make them happen on my own, often breaking out of my comfort-zone, sometimes reinventing myself and usually challenging my perceptions of my own competence and self-worth.

Each time has felt uncomfortable and scary and has required a battle with my inner critical voice telling me it wasn't possible.

But through hard work, focus and persistence, it was always possible and the outcomes have always rewarded me with a profound inspiration, life-affirmation and a sense of freedom, that you really do have a choice of what you want to be and do.

When I meet people, I often get told they have never met anyone with such an eclectic life history and positivity and it has made me realise how much is possible when you have a vision and develop a philosophy to make it real.

This is your world. Own it.

On this journey however, there was always a feeling of discomfort that my pursuits have been mostly self-serving. I found out I was an ‘empath’, meaning that I am highly sensitive to the emotions of others and decided to train as a Life Coach to nurture this side of me. I couldn’t believe how fulfilling the course was and how natural the practice felt to me, and I managed to achieve a distinction.

Life Coaching perfectly captures the skills I have developed in all my previous work in creative arts production, information analysis and listening support work, not to mention my proactive skills in renewing my own life situation when I wanted to try something new.

It is now my goal to inspire others to transform their lives; choose a vision and live it.

As a practising coach, I find that I truly care about my clients and feel privileged when I have the chance to be their coach.

I would be honoured to be your coach.