What's your favourite season? I never used to pay it much attention. I thought I was one of those people who wasn't affected by the seasons (and we certainly have them in the UK). But we are really, aren't we. The last few years I've noticed that I've always felt most content in the Autumn, and the more I ponder, the more I think I know why.

My blog about the Spring (click here) examines the idea of renewal. Taking the time to examine your life and make some changes to refresh, reset and rejuvenate yourself. Then the summer arrives and the energy really accelerates. It gets hotter, the days are longer and brighter and this inspires and almost commands being active, sociable and outdoors. I find it funny that being on the introverted and highly sensitive side, I get a little bit anxious from the pressure to be all these things, especially when you live in London where this pressure is heightened somewhat. I don't condemn myself for this however, but make it work for me in various ways. Perhaps I will blog about that another time!

So, eventually the Summer sun starts to set, the days become shorter, and the breeze becomes cooler. You reach for your favourite sweater that you had forgotten even existed and there is a warm, comforting feeling of covering your arms for the first time in a few months. You feel safe.

Autumn is the season for sobering up; slowing down; to breathe; to reminisce any happy memories spent with friends, or solitary moments of high energy, from the summer.

Stop and take a deep breath now. And smile.

All around us nature is mirroring this change in energy. Whether it is the leaves on the trees or the sinking afternoon sun, the world becomes bathed in a sleepy golden hue and a selection of animals big and small prepare for their hibernation. Some of us humans also slow down so much through the Autumn that we also go into a form of hibernation in the Winter.

As a highly sensitive person, the Autumn suits me a lot because the energy is calmer, dimmer and cooler. It also gives me space to endulge in contemplation and appreciate my deeper emotions, such as melancholy.

And how appropriate that so far this Autumn, melancholy has been very present as I learned that my best friend in Finland passed away from cancer. With Autumn and Winter dominating the seasons in Finland, they have become experts at melancholy and so it seemed very fitting that it happened at this time. As we all mourn the end of summer, this year I was mourning something extra.

So how do you feel at this time of year? How do your emotions sync up with the seasons? Have you ever contemplated why it is you like certain seasons over others?

Being present and mindful brings deeper understanding of yourself, your natural rhythms, what makes you anxious and why and by having this understanding you can experiment with proactive measures to nurture the positive energies and counter the negative.

Life Coaching is a great way to explore when your negative energy is holding you back in some way and give you the space to discover practical solutions and strategies.

Please get in touch for a chat! I'd love to hear your story.

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