On a typical Monday morning, do you wish things were different?

Will it ever change? Is this it? Is this as far as my life goes? Do you feel you’ve spent enough time rattling around in the corporate cage, a cog in the wheel to make the bosses richer, while they keep you in the safe limits of a salaried existence?

If these are the questions you are asking yourself, then my review of the highly inspiring book, ‘Be a Free Range Human’ by Marianne Cantwell, may interest you. This book was recommended to me by my mentor when I was asking her about people who were unhappy in corporate jobs and wanted to work for themselves or have more autonomy in their work.

What I love about this book is it’s overwhelming positivity. It’s written in a light, easily accessible style, yet cuts deep into the truth and addresses what some of us are really feeling and yearning for beneath the surface of complying to what society/our parents/our peers (delete as appropriate) sometimes expect of us. The book won me over in the first chapter and made me feel that anything was possible.

Cantwell is bold in challenging some of the common myths we are told about the ways to earn money, that prevent us from having a truly fulfilling career that deeply expresses who we are. For example, that you need certain qualifications; you need to do endless research and have oodles of experience, and (most commonly) that you need a lot of money.

Most of us dare not believe that it is possible to escape the career cage and work for ourselves, for fear of failure, believing the negative things that other people tell us that keep us in the 'safety’ of the 9-5.

What Cantwell proposes is that when you really dig deep and identify the work (and work environment) that would make you happy, you will in all likelihood make more money, be a more productive member of society and make other people happy.

She provides accessible tips and tricks to kick-start your own business, peppering the book with some great examples of people from all walks of life, backgrounds and ages, who have made the leap into working for themselves, and how they overcame the fears and perceptions that many of us can relate to. The question you need to ask yourself is: what is stopping you? What is truly stopping you?

I liked the way Cantwell also challenges the idea that you have to only do one thing to earn money, when some people are happier, more comfortable and actually suited to harness a portfolio of skills and services that contribute to their overall income. This was something I could relate to. While my aim is to be a full-time coach, I do worry that coaching all-day, every day will reduce my enjoyment of it. Therefore, to prevent this, my intention is to re-launch my wedding singing business that will be an extra source of income. This would contrast the solitary, at-home coaching environment, with being out and about in a high energy, more social atmosphere, expressing myself creatively, through singing beautiful love songs to a party of wedding guests (so magical!). Writing these blogs has also made me feel that I would probably like to make money through writing, by doing a copywriting or travel-writing course.

All these things would represent who I am as a person, being true to myself and providing a service to others. See, this is what this book has done to me. It’s really made me think creatively about all different ways one can work for themselves when investing the time.

Are you able to apply this thinking to your own life? What would be your dream way to make money, in the way that you want to, not according to the business of somebody else? You know what, you can probably do it.

Want to work from home? You can probably do it.

Want to turn your hobby into a job? You can probably do it.

Want to work and travel the world? You can probably do it.

Want to go part-time? You can probably do it.

Want to move into a new field of work? You can probably do it.

Many of you will know, I went from working in television, to being a singer/actor and now working as a civil servant in cyber security. Who would have thought?! But it was possible, because I chose it and I didn’t let anything stop me. Now, I believe my new vision of Life Coaching will have the same successful outcome.

You’ve just got to begin with a little exploring and a little bit of courage to step outside your comfort zone and test yourself. I truly believe everyone can do this, but importantly, YOU have to believe it.

I would recommend getting your hands on this book to really open your mind to, not only an alternative way of living, but (in the words of Oprah!) living your truth.

And of course, helping clients find their purpose through work is something that I love in my coaching work, so if you feel you want some dedicated 1-2-1 support, please feel free to get in contact for a consultation.

Take care for now.


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