I can't tell you how many times I have felt like a complete failure.

I'm not going to go into detail at the risk of depressing myself and you, my treasured reader. This would not be productive in my opinion.

I am just going to leave it to your imagination and make an assumption that we can all relate to that feeling to some extent.

Just as equally I can say that I have in general felt like a very big success in certain ways. Again, I could brag about some of my achievements and experiences in the attempt to big up my ego, but as you will read below, this is not really productive either.

The key point here is perspective and what we choose to focus on.

I was told recently of an old Chinese parable of a farmer who went through a pattern of good and bad experiences and how each time he resisted labelling them as successes or failures. Every time something bad happened, his neighbours would say 'that's terrible!'. He would respond, 'We'll see'. Sure enough, good fortune happened to manifest from the bad experience, by which the neighbours would exclaim 'how wonderful'. But again, the farmer would respond with 'we'll see' and sure enough, some bad fortune then occurred. And so the pattern continues.

This parable asserts that life is a journey, a process, that we should never really accept something as a failure. Equally we should never accept something as a success, because you never know what might manifest negatively as a result. But we should keep looking forward, keep exploring, keep that vision in mind of where we are heading; observe the journey with optimism, curiosity, humility and most importantly, gratitude that we have the opportunity to undertake the journey in the first place.

Being given the opportunity to undertake a journey of growth and development is one that we should never turn down, no matter whether you succeed or fail in the end. It is what you experienced, what you learned and the story that you can tell as a result.

Telling the story is one of the most impactful parts of the process, as this is your legacy. Your unique contribution to the world. And whether you felt like you succeeded or failed, sharing the experience with complete honesty, insight and acquired wisdom will be nothing but guaranteed success in the eyes of your audience. And the most liberating thing is that this can be done at any stage of your life, as we embark on so many journeys throughout our lives that provide us with stories to tell, until the very last one at the moment of your death. Even at the point, your story can live on in the memories of others who you can inspire to carry on your legacy.

Of course, when you have a positive vision that you are trying to achieve, always remember: NEVER GIVE UP. Think of the people you will inspire by your resolve to reach your goal. Even when you keep failing. A popular martial arts question is: what is the difference between a master and a beginner? The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.

There are so many stories out there of people who have hit rock bottom, but never given up. For example, authors who have been turned down by so many publishers before they eventually got a book deal that turned into an international best seller.

Undertaking a Life Coaching programme is the equivalent of launching yourself into a new journey, where the most powerful discovery is your true self and in collaboration with the coach you will learn to tell your story and give yourself the opportunity to build a life of purpose and value that will be the inspiration of others.

Take care,


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