This week is a bit of a ramble (apologies!), but essentially comes from the reflections I have had on the change of seasons and how much we can intuitively learn from watching Winter turn into Spring and how uplifting and inspiring that can be.

As a Coach, clients come to me because they feel stuck or overwhelmed in some part of their life and are so caught up in managing the everyday tasks and requirements that they find it difficult to give themselves space to step back and review their lives from a higher perspective. A good analogy that I read in a book recently was that it is like being lost in a dense jungle, trying to cut through the immediate foliage, but not stopping to climb a tree and rise above the canopy to ensure you are travelling in the right direction. Undertaking Coaching is essentially doing that.

But I wanted to reflect more on the idea of coaching being a tool for renewing who you are and allowing yourself a chance to take a fresh approach and reinvent your life.

This idea reminds me of an experience I had over 10 years ago, when I came across and had a go at cellular healing therapy. The philosophy is that your personal memories reside in every cell of your body and as the cells renew, they carry over those memories both good and bad. The therapists believe that physical or emotional illness is a result of cells actually being damaged from negative experiences which manifest in a physical or emotional pain or disease.

The healing is a bit like hypnosis, in that the therapist puts you into a state of deep relaxation and you explore a traumatic experience that you have had and then resolve it. By the end of the session the therapist tells you that already your cells have regenerated a certain number of times and that they will now no longer be carrying over that bad memory. While this is just one type of therapy, that is far from scientifically-proven, I do believe in the principle of healing traumatic memories that will renew your life and have a positive impact on your physical and mental well-being.

What I remember most about my experience was the idea that the person you were in the past or who you will be in the future is literally not the person you are now, because your cells are regenerating all the time so you are literally physically a completely different person.

So why can’t we do the same emotionally? Why do we hang on to certain bad memories and allow them to dictate our present behaviours? I believe we can learn a lot from the way trees shed their leaves in the Winter and then reawaken, renewed in the Spring. It is this cycle of renewal that allows trees to grow strong and live incredibly long lives. I find this incredibly liberating that no matter how trapped you feel, there is always the possibility of renewal.

One of the processes of Coaching is to review your current life holistically and then examine the areas where you are getting stuck and work out what is holding you back. If there is a certain bad memory that is supporting an unhelpful and debilitating core belief you have, then the Coach can help you unravel that and resolve it, which will then give you allowance to let go of it.

While the Coaching process can help resolve those deep-rooted bad memories, I believe that some sort of mindfulness practice or meditation on a daily basis is a good habit to resolve bad experiences as they come along, to prevent them from becoming deep-rooted, and then manifesting in negative reactive behaviours or conditions later.

I have taken up meditation again recently and am inspired by how much more calm and content I feel, which I swear is a result of giving myself that time to reflect and renew everyday.

So, enjoy the Spring weather and remember that life is a journey of constant renewal, managing and reflecting on your experience as it happens and working to resolve it. This is your journey and it is up to you how much you want to play a part in your own constructive positive renewal or let other factors in life do it for you, but remember, it may not always be in your interest.

Take care!


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