For those who have been following my blog, you will know that I recently finished reading  ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. (Yes, late to the party, I know!)

One of it’s biggest impacts is that it inspired me to write my own Life Vision and I wanted to share my experience of this and advocate the positive impact it can have on your life.

The thought of writing a Life Vision actually seemed quite daunting, and the initial feeling was that this was easily one of those things that I knew I should invest my time in, but didn’t seem like I needed to.

In my mind I was thinking, a little bit arrogantly, that 'I don’t need to do this, I know what direction my life is going in and I’m fine’. So there.

But then I started to become really conscious of how many times I was behaving in a way or conducting activities that I knew didn’t really match who I truly was and how I see myself on the inside. I also found I was making decisions that weren’t serving me in the long-run and I was really bothered about this.

So, when I was on holiday, I gave myself a 'holiday task’, that I would devote at least 30 minutes a day to drafting a Life Vision and see what happens.

So how did I do it?

Well, when I conduct a Life Assessment with coaching clients in their first session with me, I have a list of over 40 Life Areas that I ask them to tell me about. This includes various aspects of work, relationships, health, skills and finance.

I decided to use these headings as a guide. Under each one I would describe my intention for them, sometimes quite concisely, and sometimes in greater detail.

I wrote in the present tense in order to affirm that I am choosing this right now. Like an official declaration. For example, under 'Sports and Hobbies’ I wrote:

‘I invest my time in sports and hobbies that are creative, physically enhancing or intellectually stimulating. They are energising, therapeutic and inspire the spirit.’

Under 'Income’ I wrote:

‘I earn enough money to support a healthy and active lifestyle. I invest surplus income in activities and projects that will benefit wider society and my own personal development to inspire myself and others, increase my potential and share that with others.’

Under 'Possessions’ I wrote:

‘My possessions are temporary while I am here on this earth. They serve me as tools to enlighten and inspire my life and facilitate comfort and joy. They flow through my life and I let go of them graciously when they no longer serve my deeper purpose, but I celebrate the experience that they brought me, whatever that may be.’

One of the headings that I thought would be tricky would be 'Children’ and 'Lover/Spouse’, because I have neither, but actually this was not a problem and I addressed it in the following ways:


‘At the moment, I do not have children but I express myself in a parental fashion with people, including children, where I feel there is a requirement for them to be listened to, treated gently, calmed in times of anxiety and inspired by positive-thinking and adventurousness.’

Lover or Spouse

‘When I have lovers or a spouse in my life, I treat them with respect and kindness. I share my experience with them. I support them in times of need. I am honest and open about my feelings.’

So the absence of something doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have an intended vision for it. You can still express it indirectly.

When I finished writing my Life Vision, I felt this amazing sense of calm and satisfaction. It felt like some sort of Life Manifesto or Constitution that I wanted to commit to. I was happy that many of the Life Areas matched my current lifestyle but it was interesting how it exposed some that were not quite in sync, so I can now work out how to adjust things to match them.

When I read my Life Vision back to myself I really feel like I like that person. In fact, I LOVE that person and it is who I truly am inside and how I aspire to express myself everyday. I feel like it is really helping me in making more effective life decisions. When I am uncertain about something, I can refer to my Life Vision and make the decision based on how much the outcome will contribute to it.

When Life Coaching clients begin their sessions by saying, 'I just don’t know what to do with my life, or where my life is going’, this is normally because they have not taken the time to envision who they intend to be and who they truly are. This is the perfect opportunity for the Coach to help them complete a Life Vision exercise.

When you have something written down to refer to, like a strategy, then it gives you something to work towards and you can start to think creatively on ways that could get you there. The Coach is valuable in this process.

If this is something that resonates with you, then why not get in contact and experience the joy of declaring who you are, OFFICIALLY!

Take care,


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