Coaching Earth


The coaching sessions were very profound for me. It was done in the most gentle and non-judgmental way helping me to go deeper within myself. It felt like Oliver was a torch in the dark forest, guiding me out into the light of the day. He would ask the right questions which led me to areas I didn’t even think needed my attention.
I wasn’t happy with my job for some time and it was scary to venture into the unknown. But I handed in my notice, without any fear, having trust in myself, knowing I will be ok. I was able to let go and detach from something that doesn’t serve me anymore. I have a better, more open and loving relationship with my family as well by being able to communicate my feelings and emotions.
Thank you, Oliver, for being so patient and always asking the right questions to guide me so I can get to understand myself better, for your time and 100% attention! The world needs more Olivers!!
— Renata, London, UK
Oliver is a compassionate and active listener, but he won’t let you off easy. He will encourage you to shine a light on the things that you’ve hid in the dark. He’ll encourage you to explore. And when you work with him, you feel safe to do so. There are things I discussed with Oliver that I never told anyone. And it was so energizing to just feel heard. Oliver took it one step further though. He helped me develop tools to explore the things we talked about using tasks that we came up with together. In this way, we developed tools and strategies that were actually relevant to me and that ensured my using them in day to day life. This is one of the things Oliver was born to do. Much appreciation.
— Agnieszka, Toronto, Canada
Oliver as a coach struck the perfect balance between professionalism, and being warm and friendly, helped along with his winning smile! His sessions are tailored to your style and preference and had the right balance of getting to know you as a person, and “getting down to business”. I felt empowered for the future, realising how easy it could be for me to break bigger goals down into manageable chunks, so that I could do some of this by myself in the future. It gave me motivation to get out of the rut I was stuck in, and the confidence in myself to do more, as well as pushing my boundaries. Oliver is so welcoming and puts you at ease right away. I felt I could tell him anything without being judged.
— Russell, Cape Town, South Africa
Oliver is very perceptive and has a very keen sense of when to let people talk and when to ask questions. He challenges in just the right way, making you really question your stated beliefs. I have learned a great deal about myself from having only a few sessions with him.
— Ian, London, UK
Supportive, encouraging, gentle, client-led, energising.
— Chloe, London, UK