Coaching Earth

What Is Coaching?

Most people get stuck in the big puzzle of life at some point. Some manage to get unstuck, but some linger (for years!) hoping they will get a lucky break or simply abandon their dream life, putting the blame firmly on fate.

But would you like to challenge your current circumstances and make things happen, very quickly?

You can

Signing up to Life Coaching is the first step to kick-starting your life transformation and get you firmly on a positive and constructive path to achieve your goals.

All it takes is your commitment to the coaching sessions, acting on the outcomes and an open and inquisitive mind.

So, how does it happen?

Well, quite simply I'm going to ask you questions about various aspects of your life and listen.

Really listen.

They will be deep and sometimes challenging questions that will require you to think about things from an alternative perspective and get you to a point where the only option is FORWARD, diminishing the power of those stubborn thoughts that are keeping you from progressing.

My sessions are designed to help you explore and discover key solutions or revelations about yourself that have been blocked, sometimes by fear of failure, or just the distractions of modern life. The experience is often profoundly liberating and motivates my clients to finally take ACTION.

It may be uncomfortable at times and it may be hard work, as those stubborn thoughts don't want to move into a new and unfamiliar territory of thinking. But a wise man once said, 'life begins at the edge of your comfort zone' (Neale Donald Walsch) and I'll be there with you to listen and explore, in a safe and supportive environment to help you reach your goals.

At the end of the coaching programme you will have already noticed a profound transformation in your life, maybe even have achieved some significant goals, but my aim is that I leave you with new skills and tools to carry on independently so that irrational barriers don't stand in your way EVER again.

So, are you ready to take the leap into a more confident, brave and empowered version of YOU?

Of course you are and you're going to love it.

Now it's up to you.


Life Coaching can work for you if

  • You've got to that point where enough is enough;

  • You want something deeper and more meaningful to happen in your life;

  • Your current circumstances feel either stale or overwhelming;

  • You have a long-term life goal or dream and just can't work out how to get there.

life begins at the edge of your comfort zone
— Neale Donald Walsch